Broken Glass Cupcakes

Halloween is rapidly approaching and so you’ll need some sweet but spooky treats to serve. These broken glass cupcakes, also known as “The Dexter” are an amazing addition to your desserts table!

Broken Glass Cupcakes

I adore Halloween these days. I think it is the spooky and scary elements. I refuse to pass up a scary movie, no matter how horrifying. The Conjuring? Right up my alley. All-day horror movie marathons are my thing. So when I was thinking about Halloween treats, I knew I had to get spooky. The idea of a broken glass cupcake came into my mind out of nowhere. And it refused to leave until I brought it to life.

Broken Glass Cupcakes


I like to call these babies “The Dexter”. The blood, the glass, the dripping red. They are Dexter Morgan in food form. Of course, these are a lot less crazy and they won’t suck at the end. These hold up. I guess in theory, they are more like Lost, good to the last drop instead of being awful and not holding anyone accountable for anything… Ok, that was a tangent I should have probably kept to myself but it has to be said.

Broken Glass Cupcakes

Regardless of how much Dexter decided to suck, these cupcakes hold up. And while they look fussy and difficult, they are really simple to make. The most time-consuming part is waiting for the sugar mixture to come to temperature. Don’t leave that on the stove while you go to watch a few minutes of ANTM or Bob’s Burgers. You’ll be sorry if you turn your back on it. Keep a watchful eye and you’ll be good.

Broken Glass Cupcakes

I’m sharing these over at Ella and Annie Magazine so click on over for the recipe and instructions. I promise, they are not to miss. And be sure to check out the rest of Ella and Annie’s goodies while you are there. Shauna, the brains behind the operation, is amazing and as sweet as can be.

38 thoughts on “Broken Glass Cupcakes

  1. WOA-These are GORGEOUS!!! Spookingly (is there such a word?) gorgeous! Love the dripping blood broken glass – stunning!!!

  2. “They are Dexter Morgan in food form. Of course, these are a lot less crazy and they won’t suck at the end.” I love it. The end of that show was oh so disappointing. Sigh…

    These cupcakes are too cool, though! They are perfectly creepy, yet delicious-looking.

    • Ugh, right?! I’ve been rewatching Seasons 4 and 5, basically the last two GOOD seasons. And it’s just so disappointing. But either way, we’ve got these cupcakes to get us through.

  3. These are super creative! I hate scary movies…I took my daughter and her friend to see Paranormal and during the movie I was bored. Seriously, bored. But in the middle of the night….I was ruined. It’s amazing what your mind can do in the dark, I haven’t slept soundly since. :-(

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