Chicken Apricot Brie Flatbread Pizza for #SundaySupper


Here’s the thing about pizza, in all its glorious forms. It is the great unifier of foods. There’s a reason why so many memes exist to celebrate pizza. When is the last time you heard someone say they don’t like it? Right, never. And if you did hear someone say that, weren’t your opinions on that person forever changed, if only a little bit? You can’t fully trust someone that doesn’t love a good slice of pizza.

Of course, now pizza isn’t just tomato sauce and cheese tossed into the oven. It has been transformed and elevated beyond belief. Now, there is grilled pizza with proscuitto or flatbread pizza topped with chicken and arugula. Instead of being something you grab quickly when you need a last-second dinner, pizza became something chefs slave over, put time into, create. I’m a fan of good, old-fashioned pizza in its purest form. It is my one true love, my one and only. But I can get down with a fancy pizza from time to time.

This version, a chicken apricot brie flatbread pizza, came from my new favorite celebu-chef, Damaris Phillips. She’s the adorable southern belle who hosts “Southern at Heart” on Food Network and puts a fun twist on traditional dishes. Recently, she hosted a party and this pizza made an appearance. As soon as Gallo Family Vineyards asked us Sunday Supper folk for our best pizza recipes to celebrate National Pizza Month, I knew this would be the one for many reasons.

First, there’s Brie on it. Brie is, well, it’s indescribable. I was first introduced to it after my mom brought some home from France (I always picture an “I Love Lucy” scenario with her sneaking it in a tuba) and was forever a changed person. It is creamy and fabulous.

Second, the Brie works amazingly well with the apricot jam. It’s a match made in heaven.

Third, this pizza pairs up perfectly with Gallo’s wines. I’d suggested either the Pinot Noir or the Pink Moscato, depending on your mood. The Pinot Noir holds up well to the flavors in the pizza and the Pink Moscato compliments them with a pleasant sweetness. I say this every time, but there is no exact pairing when it comes to wines and foods. So if you want to play around, Gallo has a ton of varieties to match up with your pizza. Crack open a bottle, give it a taste and play it around with your pairings! But no matter what you do, be sure to give this pizza a whirl!

Chicken Apricot Brie Flatbread Pizza for #SundaySupper


  • 1 piece of Naan bread
  • 1 breast of chicken, sliced into two cutlets
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp. apricot jam
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp. Brie cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Place the Naan on a baking sheet and bake 10 minutes.
  2. Season your chicken with salt and pepper. Heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil in a large sauce pan over medium high. Add the chicken and cook 6 minutes until golden.
  3. Flip and cook until golden on the other side and cooked through. Remove to a cutting board.
  4. Once cool enough to handle, cut the chicken into slices.
  5. Top the Naan with the jam and put back in the oven for 4 minutes.
  6. Top with chicken, then Brie.
  7. Serve hot.

Recipe adapted from Damaris Phillips.

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