Classic Blueberry Scones

I realized today that I haven’t been on a vacation in almost three years. A real, live vacation. Yes, I spent the 4th with family and had an absolute blast. And it was murder, returning to society where people use cell phones and computers and do things other than swim and sew and eat crabs and shrimp. But a real, go away and have people serve you vacation? That’s been a long time coming.

I started looking into some places for a nice little fall getaway. Nothing crazy or tropical (sorry but I hate sand… It’s grainy and hurts your toes and gets in your ears). Perhaps some place in New England. I’d love to be one of those crazy fall leafers that head up there to take in the pretty colors. Plus, as you already know, fall is my favorite! It’d be fantastic to spend a few days of it in New England, noshing on cheese and maple syrup. I have this very vivid vision of how it will go.

We’ll find a cute, family-friendly B&B that is located near Main Street. And Main Street will be old-fashioned with lots of independent shops and coffee houses. We’ll be able to walk everywhere we need to but we’ll take a day trip to Salem because it will be fall. And you can’t be in New England (or, more specifically, Massachusetts) in the fall without going to Salem. Yes, I’ve heard it is a tourist trap and there are many, many other things to see. But I’ve been to Salem, I loved Salem, I want to go back to Salem. We’ll drink buckets of hot coffee while taking in all the great sights.

I haven’t started to plan a single lick of this vacation. For the record. I don’t even know if the place I am envisioning exists (if the world wants to be a good place, it will make this destination so). So in the mean time, I’m making scones. Because if you were going on an 8+ hour road trip to your dream fall leaf destination, you’d make scones. You’d pack them in cute, individually-wrapped packages. You’d maybe splash a little maple syrup on top to get you in the spirit. And you’d eat them to give you both sustenance and satisfaction.

Classic Blueberry Scones
Recipe type: Breakfast
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Serves: 10

These scones are a classic. Traditional blueberry, they don’t have a glaze because they don’t need one!
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup white whole wheat flour
  • 3 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. baking powder
  • 6 Tbsp. cold butter, cut into cubes
  • 1½ cups blueberries
  • ⅓ cup heavy cream
  • 2 eggs

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In the bowl of a food processor, combine flours, sugar and baking powder. Pulse to combine.
  3. Add in butter and pulse until coarse crumbs form.
  4. Whisk cream and eggs together then, with the food processor on low, add in slowly until a dough just forms.
  5. Fold in blueberries.
  6. Pat dough until it is 1¼ inch thick. Use a pastry cutter, dipped in flour, to cut the dough into your desired shapes. Transfer to a baking sheet.
  7. Bake 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown. Cool on a wire baking rack.


12 thoughts on “Classic Blueberry Scones

  1. Kim….I love your idea of a fall getaway to New England. I’m from Boston, but I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Maine and Vermont. And the fall is definitely a beautiful time in that area! I hope your plans come to fruition! In the meantime….I’ll just have to make your scones and envision being on that road trip, too! I LOVE blueberry scones…though I’ve yet to make them for myself. You are giving me the nudge I need!

  2. I haven’t been on a real vacation in a while either, and totally need one. If it was a road trip, a big bag of these scones to munch on would definitely be a must. =)

  3. I’m yet to get used to the American idea of “scones”. Where I’m from, a scone is more like a biscuit, and you add jam and whipped cream and drink tea with it.

    I DO like American style scones, though – and this looks like a great way to use up the blueberries I have hanging out in my fridge!

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