Dirty Chocolate Egg Creams

Dirty Chocolate Egg Creams

In fourth grade, I broke my arm running backwards in gym class. Thinking back now, I’m not really sure how it didn’t happen sooner. Our “gym” was the church parking lot, filled with potholes. We loved it, but it was really just a mine field, waiting for one clumsy child to sink their foot in just the right way. Really, I can’t be bitter about the experience. Doesn’t every kid wish for a broken bone at some point? No? It’s fun to imagine having a cast, getting your friends to sign it, having everyone cater to you. And then you really break a bone and realize how stupid you were for wishing it on yourself.

Regardless, the day after the infamous fall, my mom took me to the doctor. They were closed for lunch so we went to this kistchy little place called Nifty Fifties. Anyone from the Philadelphia area knows about Nifty Fifties. It was essentially a 50s style diner. You can picture it. Bright neon signs, a glowing juke box playing out old classics and dozens upon dozens of different soda-shop foods and drinks. I’m pretty sure I tried a chocolate soda for the first time that day. It was, in a word, amazing.

Dirty Chocolate Egg Creams

But this piece is about chocolate egg creams, so let’s talk about those for a minute. In Harriet The Spy, one of my most favorite childhood books, she orders a chocolate egg cream. And for years, I thought it was disgusting. Who would drink something with an egg in?! What madness is this?! Nifty Fifites had egg creams on their menu but why would I ever order that? It’s just insanity.

Kids think silly things sometimes, I swear. My mom was kind enough to enlighten me on egg creams. Of course, there isn’t any actual egg in there. It’s essentially soda water, cream and chocolate syrup. This classic drink is frothy, sweet, creamy, chocolatey. It’s made of hopes and dreams and joy. I could drink two every day and die happy and 500 pounds. 

But I’m an adult now so let’s grow up a little. And by grow up, I mean toss some liquor in there and make it more fun for the older crowd. I went with a little rum. Why the heck not? It’s perfect with the chocolate. You could probably try vodka – and if you are really cheesy, try one of those whipped cream flavored vodkas. But let’s just stick to rum for the time being and enjoy this without the gimmick there. Yep, dirty chocolate egg creams have officially made my “must have” cocktail list.

Dirty Chocolate Egg Creams


  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 4 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
  • 2 ounces rum
  • seltzer


  1. Divide milk and rum between two glasses. Stir gently.
  2. Pour in seltzer, to fill, slowly. Divide chocolate syrup between the two glasses and stir gently to combine.


19 thoughts on “Dirty Chocolate Egg Creams

  1. Egg creams are such an east coast thing. I’m a Midwesterner now; we don’t have them out here. I had never considered making a cocktail out of one, but I have a feeling this is making my next brunch menu.

  2. I am SO glad you explained what a chocolate egg cream is. I was totally out of the loop – must have been because I watched the Harriet The Spy movie instead of reading the books :) hehe

  3. Okay I’ve never had anything like this drink before! It sounds awesome!

    My sister did something similar when she was little! I luckily never broke anything as a kid!

    • Egg creams are my most favorite but before I’d had one, I thought they sounded awful! :) I think your sister could have benefitted from one of these babies. Broken bones are the worst! Although now, they have cool colored casts.

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