Festive Watermelon Cake

I’ve never been a big fan of watermelon. It gets lumped into the same category as tomatoes where I just recently decided that I love and can’t be without but it’s a new love. It was clearly a textural problem. Watermelon is sandy and weird. However, when presented with a watermelon that isn’t sandy and weird, I can definitely get on board.

This past weekend, I had dinner with my godparents. They are probably one of the most adorable couples ever and super fun. World travelers, on their way to Australia and New Zealand. They’ve been to dozens of places and have millions of good stories and when they come over, the bring dessert. Cheesecake that is to die for and this watermelon cake. As soon as I saw it, I knew I’d make it at home. It is genius! Seriously, brilliance in fruity cake form. My godmother is brilliant.

There is no real recipe here. You just need one large watermelon. I used a 16 pound watermelon and will this have watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the next year. Slice it in the middle where the melon is thickest into one big ring. Take the ring and slice it into 8 triangles as if you were cutting a pizza. Set the ring on a place in a circle, like a cake.

Take a mellon baller and use it to scoop flesh out of the remaining pieces. Place the melon balls on top of the watermelon as if they were frosting. Then garnish with just a bit of mint. Seriously, if you have parties coming up, make this. I promise, it will be a huge hit. People will marvel at its beauty then devour its deliciousness.

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