Mason Jar Salad

I’ve got a gigantic list of things to try on my Pinterest boards. Backpacks to sew, Peep Easter wreaths to hot glue, drippy caramel desserts to taste. The list of things I WANT to try is endless. The list of things I’ve actually tried is not as long.

This weekend after my trip to the land of bulk foods, I had to figure out something to do with all the fresh veggies I bought. Something OTHER than vacume seal them. So I went with salad. I chopped up tons of veggies and put them in containers for the week. I grabbed my fancy dressing container and whipped up some gorgonzola dressing. And I grabbed a mason jar. Finally, trying something I’ve found on the end all be all of awesome websites.

The giant mason jar salad is pretty great. You can customize it any way you want (Asian style with soy-peanut dressing and mandarin oranges, Mexican with black beans and corn, Cobb with hard boiled eggs and bacon crumbles). I tossed a ton of veggies in mine along with salted sunflower seeds and gorgonzola. It made for an awesome lunch and was totally convenient AND tasty.

Give it a whirl for yourself. Let me know how it turns out!

Mason Jar Salads

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If your lettuce and dressing mix, you’ll end up with a slimy mess. Put your dressing in first, layer in the rest of your veggies or mix-ins and put the lettuce on top.

Something like carrots or peppers will hold up well against the salad dressing at the bottom.

Do NOT put croutons in the jar. Pack them in a sandwich baggie for later. They will most certainly turn soggie and nasty and then you won’t want to eat the salad at all.


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    • It really is one of my favorite Pinterest ideas! And as for the redesign, I felt like a ten year old with the old header. It was so me but a change is good, right? :)

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