Valentine PEEPs Pops

Valentine's PEEPs Pops

Being an adult is sort of a double edged sword. On one hand, you actually start to get mail. As a child, you get catalogs that your parents don’t want and the occasional card but really, no mail comes to you. Adults get mail all the time! Downside? It’s usually bills, debts, responsibilities. Crap that we don’t want to deal with, things to put off for another day, more catalogs filled with home goods. So yeah, double edged sword, right?

Except sometimes, when the mail becomes really exciting. Around Christmas, when your porch is filled with packages. Or near your birthday, when the mailbox is bursting with cards and notes. Or when PEEPs Marshmallows sends you a giant box of fun Valentine’s treats. That, my friends, is a fun mail day. In said box was all sorts of treats, including strawberry creme chicks, chocolate mousse teddy bears and vanilla bean hearts. It was hard to resist tearing into each and every single PEEP.

I decided to take the traditional marshmallow hearts and turn them into lollipops. Why the heck not? A quick dip in some melted chocolate, a few sprinkles of sprinkles and you’ve got an excellent Valentine’s treat for your kids, classroom, office or just for yourself.

Valentine PEEPs Pops
Recipe type: dessert, holiday
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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Serves: 6

  • 1 package heart-shaped PEEPs
  • ½ cup chocolate chips
  • assorted heart-shaped sprinkles
  • 6 lollipop sticks

  1. Take the lollipop sticks and insert them into the bottom of the peep firmly, ensuring that the stick goes through.
  2. Place the chocolate chips in a bowl and microwave them in 30 second increments until smooth.
  3. Take the heart-shaped pop and dip half into the chocolate. Using a gentle hand, tap the pop on the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate.
  4. Liberally coat the chocolate half in sprinkles. Place on a sheet of parchment until the chocolate hardens.


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