Vanilla Root Beer Cream Soda for #SundaySupper

Cream soda is a perfectly nostalgic drink that conjures up memories of happy childhoods. This version, a vanilla root beer cream soda, is ideal for Sunday dinner.

Vanilla Rootbeer Cream Soda

When I was a kid, I could never imagine why anyone would want to drink an egg cream. I pictured a weird concoction, something a body builder would drink for protein. Raw eggs flashed through my eyes. Fast forward a few years and my eyes opened. I broke my arm and was waiting with my mom to see the doctor. We hit up a nostalgic 50s style diner for lunch and I ordered my first egg cream at my mom’s suggestion. And my life was never the same.

That said, I’m a big fan of old-fashioned sodas. Cream sodas, flavored sodas, egg creams. When Sunday Supper announced the summer cool down theme for the week, I immediately knew I’d be making an old-fashioned soda of some sort. I love having dinner that is done up to the max. Theme nights with fried chicken, homestyle mashed potatoes and fancy sodas, topped off with some sort of dessert. And we are all fans of root beer around here so coming up with a root beer soda that wasn’t your average float crossed my mind. I wanted to do a cream style soda, knowing that root beer would be perfect for it. And so came the vanilla root beer cream soda.

Cream soda is just what it sounds like: a bit of soda mixed with cream of some sort. I gussied mine up a little by tossing some vanilla into the mix. The sweetness of vanilla is ideal for the root beer that is both sweet but with a little bite. This was, hands down, my most favorite soda to date. The kind of soda you sit down with at dinner, chatting about your day. Perfect for Sunday Supper, don’t you think? After all, every supper needs a good drink or two.

Vanilla Root Beer Cream Soda


  • 2 cups root beer
  • ?2 tsp. vanilla
  • ?2 Tbsp. half and half


  1. Fill two glasses with ice.
  2. Combine root beer and vanilla and divide between two glasses.
  3. Pour one tablespoon of cream into each glass on top of the root beer. Serve cold.

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52 thoughts on “Vanilla Root Beer Cream Soda for #SundaySupper

  1. I was looking forward to seeing the photo and recipe for your Vanilla Root Beer Cream Soda. I’ve loved cream soda since I was a child and grew up knowing that the cream taste was just that–an artificial taste. I’ve never had a REAL cream soda, and your recipe looks simple and delicious! I am so making this.

    • Oh man, I too love the fake ream soda! But I’ll tell you, a real cream soda is so different. You definitely have to try it! I hope you love it!

  2. My grandpa LOVED root beer floats. He passed that love on to my mom and it has been passed down to me and my kids. This sounds like a really fun way to do a root beer float-like drink – without the ice cream! Thanks so much for the idea! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! HUGS

    • We almost NEVER have ice cream on hand at home. If we did, I’d eat it all in a second. So this is a great, quick version of a float. :)

  3. My dad loved egg creams! I remember him always talking about them and they had to be made with ubets chocolate syrup! I had the same thought as you as a kid though, who wants to drink something with eggs in it?!

  4. I dont know why they call it an egg cream, that threw me when I was a kid too and waited to try it until much, much later -but I love ’em!! Dunno why I was “afraid” of it? : ) Good job!

    • Ok, an egg cream is essentially seltzer water, cream/milk and syrup. I always order chocolate and love it! No egg whatsoever in this drink. The name is so tricky, right?!

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